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Don’t Forget the Four Questions

To cultivate winning relationships, and assess the health of our working relationships, we must ask ourselves these questions about each person we rely on for success:

  1. Can I count on you?
  2. Can I depend on you?
  3. Do I care about you?
  4. Do I trust you?

Lose sight of these questions about colleagues and the health of your working relationships will decline. And if you really want to start growing personally and professionally, imagine how others would answer those questions about YOU!

Recognize that not all relationships will start (or finish) well. There will be times when things transform quickly; there will also be times that a relationship suddenly takes a step backwards. It is at these times you will need to apply your relational cultivation skills (which I lay out in the book) and be resilient.

Stay in the game, keep asking yourself the four questions, and when necessary, change your game!

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